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Worry Free


As soon as you contact us, you do not need to worry about repairing your car body.

If you leave it to us, you will be very satisfied with the results.

Insurance Claim


We at Olympia Autobody & Painting promise to deliver you a complete procedure from claim to repair with emphasis on accuracy and promptness. 

Rust Repair


One of the main factors responsible for rust that occurs in automobiles is that their main parts are made of metal. 
We at Olympia Autobody & Painting promise to take care of your rust problem by means of coating, sheet metal patching, and replacement to prevent its recurrence, thus ensuring a longer life of your car. 

Collision Repair


Accidents owing to collision require professional workmanship based on a precise assessment of problems not only of the exterior of your vehicle but also of the interior for which need parts, fitting and proper. On the basis of our 30-some years of hands-on experience, we promise to deliver service you can trust. 

Touch Job


Since minor collisions and/or scratches require corrective measures on a relatively small area, it is important to apply coloring that matches the color of your vehicle exactly. 
Olympia Autobody & Painting ensures precision in this regard. 

Custom Painting


For customers who wants a special kind of color to suit his/her particular need, we provide our special Body Kit Painting formula that we have developed through experience over the past three decades. 
We do promise you a special technology of painting which you will find satisfactory. 

Body Kit Painting


Our means of meeting your special need for body painting is Body Kit Painting available only at Olympia Autobody & Painting. 

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