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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any questions about car body repair and insurance claims, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail at any time.

 01  When should I pay for the repair of my car?

You will make the payment after the job is done on your car. Before you pay, we first want you to check and find the repair job completed to your satisfaction. In case we have to order parts for your vehicle, however, we may ask you to advance a payment for part or all of the parts to be ordered.




 02  How can I use a loaner car?

We at OA have a fleet of 4 vehicles to meet your need. 
We offer a loaner car free of charge to customers with no rent-a-car provision in their insurance policy. Since there are many who need this free service, however, we ask you to submit a request for the use of a loaner vehicle ahead of time.



 03  What is the average length of time for repairing a car?

It depends on the degree of damage to your vehicle. 
The estimate you receive indicates how long OA will need to work on your car.



 04  Does OA offer the estimated cost of repair to customers free of charge…

The answer is yes. 
However, we may require a payment for estimates involving commercial vehicles and insurance claims.


 05  How is the repair cost of an automobile determined?

The estimated cost of your vehicle repair at Olympia Autbody (OA) is determined fairly on the basis of the Mitchell Utlramate System. Please click for more information.

 06  Why is the claim number important?

When filing a claim with your insurance company about an accident-related car repair, make sure that you know your claim number. This is especially important if it was caused by the other party. You may then submit proof of his/her fault and ask for a claim number so that you can utilize a rent-a-car for free while your vehicle is being repaired. Because you are the only one who has access to the claim number, you must do the claiming yourself. If you need assistance with language, ask your insurance agent if he can provide with an interpreter.

 07  How can I request the use of a rent-a-car while my vehicle in your garage?

In case your counterpart is responsible for the accident, you can claim for the cost of repair as well as the use of a rent-a-car. The same holds true of customers who carry an insurance policy with a provision for rent-a-car.

 08  How do I claim payment for the cost of my auto repair?

In case the party who caused the accident acknowledges his fault and submits a claim to his insurance company, you can ask for a full compensation to cover the repair cost of your vehicle. If both parties (i.e., you and your counterpart) are at fault, however, each one should file a claim with his/her insurance company. In such a case, the concerned insurance companies will look into the matter at hand to determine who was really at fault. When submitting your claim, be prepared to bear the deductible stipulated in your insurance policy. In either of the two cases referred to, the insurance companies will pay all the cost involved including that of towing and repair. We at OA offer you all the details related to an automobile accident free of charge, so please call or visit us for help right away if you had one.

 09  When an accident has occurred, what is the first thing I must do?

An automobile accident could have a great deal of dispute, be it civil or criminal, depending on the type of responsibilities involved. To prevent such a dispute, be sure to secure photographs to be used as evidence, an eyewitness, or a signed statement from the party or parties involved. Please beware that a police report alone will not suffice to determine who is responsible unless it clearly proves the accident was caused unilaterally or by a bump/hit on the rear end of your car.

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